Your Family is Waiting

red thorns dew photography

You have a family that loves you, supports you, and brings you great joy.  Or, maybe you have one that belittles you, frightens you, and hurts you.  Those people aren’t your family.

Family is a gift.  It’s a bond of love and understanding you build with those whom you truly care for and want to be in your life, and you can bet they feel the same about you.

Perhaps your relatives are your family, and that’s great!  And if not, if your relatives hurt you and your bond breaks (or never has a chance to form), then that’s their loss.

You deserve better.  You deserve love.

Even when you feel pain, when you feel surrounded by hatred, anger, and fear, know that your true family is out there.

Somewhere out in the world is a group of people waiting to give you love, support, and understanding, and you’ll give it right back.  They’ll bring you more joy than you ever thought possible, and you will feel warmth only a true family can bring.

So while your tears, raise your head and keep going.  There’s a family out there waiting for you with open arms, and they can’t wait to meet you.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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