dirt earth macro photography A new year has started.  Whether you actually made any resolutions or not, I’m sure a lot of us have thought hard about our choices and actions this past year.

Did we meet any of our past goals?  Did we smile more, laugh more?  Did we sever our attachment to that cozy couch in front of the tv?

Maybe some battles were lost, maybe we didn’t even fight.  And just maybe we made some new goals we never saw coming.  New ideas came up, new goals were made, new changes took place that move us forward and closer to who we are at heart.

Life took quite a few surprise turns this year.  I went from a shopaholic trying to buy happiness, inspiration, and purpose, to a minimalist with a love for the eco-friendly.  I realized just how much I love and need nature, and how healing I find it to gaze at the sky.

Every day has something to teach us, if we quiet our mind and just look, just listen.  In the quiet, what does your heart tell you?

Does it tell you to forgive more, to spend more time with family, or maybe spend more time alone with your thoughts?

Whether you made goals for the new year, or just create them as you go, I hope all of our goals push us to be even happier, wiser and stronger, so we can make the world better for everyone.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


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