candy candies photography Oh, candy… Sweet, sour, crunchy and packed full of sugar, you can make us sick but we eat you anyway.

If you know me even a little, you know I’ve got quite the sweet tooth.  Recently since I’ve started my mission to eat healthier and more eco-friendly, I’ve noted that candy is definitely my weakness.  When grocery shopping I search for minimal packaging, which is something candy isn’t prone to.  Candy tends to be individually wrapped, or at least come in an un-recyclable plastic bag or wax-coated cardboard.

In addition to being full of sugar and artificial ingredients, its environmentally unkind packaging has made me start to steer clear of it…. unsuccessfully at times as you can see by the garbage pictured above.

In my quest to eat healthy and eco-friendly, it’s clear to me I need to find a substitute to please my sweet tooth as I try to crack my love for sugar.

I’ve been eating a lot of sweet apples lately, which has definitely helped, as well as experiments with cocoa & oatmeal cookies and cocoa & raisin oatmeal.  And tea.

Lots of tea.

Lucky for all of us looking for something healthier and kinder for the planet, the internet is full of recipes to try!  Should I come across something sweetly astounding, I’ll be sure to share.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


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