Don’t Just Read About It, Live It

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As a lover of learning, I’ve read a lot of books.  Most of which are books on how to do photography, blog, sculpt, draw, write, speak a foreign language, paint, etc. etc. etc.

This year something finally dawned on me, and it’s that there’s a time to put the books down.  Again…

Put the books down.

There’s nothing wrong with doing your research and reading how to do something before you actually do it.  You can learn great techniques, proper tools, and basic information that can take your project a long way.

But learning how to do something isn’t just reading all you can about it.

You learn by doing.

You can’t learn to paint by reading all about painting techniques, you have to pick up the brush.  And you can’t learn to speak French by only reading grammar books, you have to speak it.

This is something I’ve been guilty of for a long time.  I read all the books I can, take stacks of notes, and end up never really experiencing much of what I’m so interested in learning to do.

I’m working to find balance, and I invite you to do the same!

Let’s not just read about screenwriting, let’s get our screenplays written.  Let’s not just read about sculpting, let’s play with the clay.

Let’s not just read about something, but live it!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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