Handmade Wallet

hand-made wallet eco friendly up-cycle

I’d been thinking about getting a wallet these past few months, so I decided to give my hand sewing skills a test and make one myself.

I used the fabric from one of a few organza bags I have laying around.  I especially like the ‘Be Thankful’ print as a little reminder every time I pull it out.  The zipper was donated by my crafter mother.  I’m fortunate that she has a self-proclaimed ‘Old Lady Zipper Collection’, whatever that means.

Does one start collecting zippers at a certain age?


Lessons learned from this project:

  • A little planning never hurt anyone.
  • Zippers can be tricky.
  • Dont’ use a pack of gum to guess the measurements.  Something you actually need to fit in the wallet (i.e. Your license) will be better.


Taking on the challenge to craft something yourself instead of buying is always interesting, whether it works out or not.  What have you guys crafted instead of buying?  Clothes, a backpack, shoes, furniture?

Best of luck with all projects!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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