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There are some things that are really hard to tell people.  Things that make your heart pound, that make you pace, stutter, wring your hands, and say,”Uh….” for quite some time.

Maybe you’re gay, transgender, dropping out of school, or maybe you just really like Star Trek.

This past week, I was once again left feeling astounded and truly blessed by the amazing support I’ve gotten from my family at work.

It reminds me that no matter who you are, there are people that will love and support you.  People that will truly have your back, offer their shoulder, and give you the support and encouragement we all need sometimes.

Sometimes these people are our relatives, sometimes they’re coworkers, bosses, or that nice guy at the library.

There are things that are so hard to tell people.  You ask yourself if this is the last time you’ll talk with this person.  You wonder if this is what’s going to ruin everything.  You’re terrified of how these people will react.

It’s okay to be afraid, but don’t hide your true self just because you’re scared.

There are people out there who will not only understand, but they’ve been waiting for you to share with them.  They’ll have something to tell you, too.

“I support you.”

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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