Pink and Yellow

homemade jewelry upcycle

Recently I made this pendant necklace for a photo shoot, though it proved a little impractical for what had been envisioned.  Regardless, I took this picture before reusing them for another project.

I was incredibly thrilled to use Elmer’s Naturals School Glue and a satin varnish from Earth Safe Finishes, both of which are recent additions to my supplies and worked great for this project.

I was also fortunate enough to borrow some things.

In researching and beginning minimalism, the idea of borrowing supplies and tools came up.  I could see how that could work for some people, but I scoffed at the idea when I considered fellow artists.  I couldn’t see myself popping over to a neighbor’s to ‘borrow a cup of glitter’.

Although, it’s not as ridiculous as it could look.  When you have friends that are artists, it’s easy to borrow paint, string, and paper from fellow crafters, and maybe lend some of your own art supplies in return!

There are lots of options for make crafting more eco-friendly, we just need to look around and give things a try!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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