Bad Vegan

I recently decided to start eating a vegan diet.

Well, try to.

Have any of you made the switch to vegan?  How’s it been going?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

5 thoughts on “Vegan”

  1. I’ve been 100% vegan for a year now. It was a gradual process that evolved over a few years. I have worked out with a high level of intensity for over four decades, so it was important that the vegan diet would sustain those demands. The nutrient, protein, and amino acids, etc are easily solved with a little research. I only eat organic, non-GMO foods. I would not even consider leaving the vegan lifestyle at this point. If you haven’t seen these sites already, they are quite informative: and

    1. That’s wonderful! I imagine taking it slow makes it a lot easier to transition and figure out what’s going to work best. Haha, yes research definitely seems to be something that goes with becoming vegan. Thank you for sharing!

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