Lies of Depression

Blue Moon Sunset

Depression can fill our minds with lies.

We tell ourselves nothing will ever change.  We can feel the world growing smaller around us.  We have no options, no chance to grow or place to escape.  Our current pain, situation, and place in life is all we’ll ever know.

These negative thoughts can run through our minds unchallenged, because we’re hurting so much we believe it.  We can’t remember happiness.  We can’t remember that life is constantly changing.  We can’t remember that we have options, that there’s hope.

Even when we’re feeling at our lowest, there is always hope, even if we don’t believe it.

Let’s get help when we need it, laugh as often as we can, surround ourselves with inspiration, and do our best to stay strong when we’re at our weakest.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Purple Buds Vivid Green Leaf

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