Going Through the Motions

Purple Buds in Fall

Sometimes it feels like the days are flashing by, and we’re stuck in the same pattern that leaves us exhausted and unsatisfied.

There is a time for work, chores, and errands, but there is also time for play, relaxing, creating, and engaging in the things that bring us joy.

Let’s slow down, and remember that the world is still turning, and we’re still alive.  Let’s enjoy the fresh air on our way to work, the taste of our lunch during break, and the people we spend the day with.  When the days blur together, let’s focus on what makes each day special.

Let’s also take our time to wind down.  Enjoy some silence, watch the clouds, read a book, sip some tea, sit in the sun.  Let’s do whatever it is that lifts our hearts and reminds us that we’re alive, and that every day is special.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Look for Luck Bliss of Solitude

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