Favorite Finds of 2014

New Year Sunset

Every year brings new changes, ideas, and people into our lives that help us move forward with a smile on our face.

We all have those special things that stood out to us this year, and here are some of mine! 

Favorite Finds of 2014

Blogs, Bloggers, & Photographers:

  • The Clothes Horse – A personal style blog that stole my heart when it was first introduced to me.  The clothes, style-crushes, gorgeous photography, and cozy atmosphere are always inspiring and uplifting.
  • House of Alexzander – As Elliot says, not your average fashion blog.  Gorgeous clothes and an equally gorgeous reminder to be and express yourself.
  • A Beautiful Mess – Loaded with crafts, recipes, style and photography.  Always a wonderful time to be had browsing for ideas and inspiration.
  • zen habits – Simplicity throughout.
  • becoming minimalist – One of my first finds on my path to minimalism.  Great reminders to live more with less.
  • David Zdanowicz – This fantastic photographer is always sharing his latest and best photos with us on Twitter.  Always gorgeous photography, and an inspiration to get out in the world more, particularly in the morning due to his recent sunrise photos!
  • Josh Bulriss – Not only is he a wonderful photographer and abstract painter, he’s the most positive person I follow on Twitter.  Although he posts his photography and paintings, you can also find them in his gallery.
  • Vivienne Gucwa – This great photographer is always sharing her awe-inspiring photos on Twitter.  You can find photography of New York at NY Through the Lens and travel at Traveling Lens.

Other great finds this year include:


  • ‘The Happiness Advantage’ & ‘Before Happiness by Shawn Achor – Inspiring, interesting, and fun reads that have actually given me the ability to keep a positive attitude for an unheard-of number of days.  Highly recommended.
  • ‘Living Like Ed’ by Ed Begley Jr – Full of great info and tips for living a more eco-friendly life.
  • ‘Refuse to Choose!’ by Barbara Sher – A good read if you have multiple interests or passions that are constantly shifting.
  • ‘A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home’ by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman – From the crafters behind A Beautiful Mess, this book is just as inspiring as their blog.


This year has been full of so much inspiration and change.  Let’s head into the new year and welcome all the new ideas and progress to come!

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks.  Happy New Year!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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