New Goals, New Year

New Year

Hopefully everyone has had a great start to the new year.  Whether facing difficult challenges already, or enjoying some peace, let’s make the best of what we have to make this year great!

Whether our goals are big or small, plenty or few, let’s make them attainable  and a pleasure to work towards.

Books and articles on how to properly set goals fill both isles at libraries and archives online, and often say something about being specific and measurable, for good reason.  But, because I’m me, here’s a list of some vague goals for this year!

  • Continue to eat healthier & more frequent meals.  More veggies, more legumes, more weight, as I’d love to be able to start donating blood this year!
  • Read more & spend more time in libraries.
  • Travel more.  Use public transit to explore more of my home, nearby towns, and Philadelphia, of course!
  • Save more.
  • Buy fewer things.  Spend more money on projects & experiences.
  • Use less gas, water, & electricity.
  • Charge mobile & battery-powered devices with solar power.
  • Spend less time watching tv and surfing the web just to kill time.  Where do the hours go?
  • Enjoy more silence, sun, and fresh air.
  • Craft more in general, especially with items that are thrifted or recycled.
  • Continue minimizing possessions.  Ideally, let’s get to what can easily fit in one cab in one trip.
  • Wear everything in my closet or repurpose it/give it a new home.
  • Spend more time smiling, being grateful, & enjoying a positive perspective.
  • Be more helpful & kind to others.  Be it to a stranger or loved one, being and doing my best for others makes for a radiant joy.
  • Post more here on Roman Leaf, and share DIYs, crafts, cooking, style, positivity, and photography.

Hopefully you’re all excited for the new year and all the change we can create!  Let’s turn our imaginations loose, create, and keep moving forward.

Whether our goals are big or small, plenty or few, let’s give them our best!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Spring Goals dirt earth macro photography

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