Hanging To-Do List

To-Do List Wall Hanging

To-Do List Wall Hanging Close-Up  To-Do List Wall Hanging Close-Up 2

This hanging to-do list serves as a more colorful replacement for a calendar.

The decorative paper was found on clearance, and it’s hung with red yarn and string I had on hand.  Scrap paper serves as the actual list on each banner, which was cut using a second-hand corner punch.  Using pencil will help extend the list’s life, but when they get too ratty, the white pieces will be recycled/upcycled some other way and replaced.

As much as I love the the photographs in calendars, this will hopefully be a better alternative.

In addition to  brightening up the wall and making the tasks for each day more appealing, structure and routine are supposed to help in managing depression.  For the sake of easy wins, the first things listed are simple things that I normally do anyway.

Simple wins are good.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Wall Flowers Close-up Teapot Wall Decor Bow

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