Move Forward | New Site In-Progress

Swirled Vine

We should always keep pushing forward.  That’s not to say we should always be seeking change and not enjoy what we have at present, but we should always look to improve ourselves.  Be that continuing good habits or further pushing ourselves.

It’s best to keep in mind not to blindly step forward, or we may find ourselves stumbling.  Stumbling forward, yes, but it’s best to keep our eyes open so we don’t scrape our knees unnecessarily.

I’ve done quite a bit of stumbling today, but it’s worked out for the better, I think.  Roman Leaf is currently under reconstruction after some blind leaps of faith earlier today.  A few bruises to the ego and a smack in the face, but I’m quite excited about the new site.

Same domain and blog, but some lovely changes are under way!

Hopefully the new Roman Leaf will be up and running within the next week.  So if you notice any funny business, well, that would be me.

Let’s keep moving forward, preferably with our eyes open so we don’t stumble.  Should we get some bruises, let’s pick ourselves up, make the best of it, and keep moving forward.


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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2 thoughts on “Move Forward | New Site In-Progress”

    1. Thank you for the support! Change always works for the better. Even if it’s not what we wanted, it can still be beneficial! < 3 Enjoy your new design!

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