Beauty is Everywhere


Starting in July or August, photography here on Roman Leaf may be quite different.  We’re leaving the vivid greens of Pennsylvania and moving to the rocky earth tones of Colorado.  Despite my love for the beauty surrounding PA, I’m definitely excited to move back to Colorado.

Memory has me picturing pine trees, short cacti, dirt, rock, and lots of brush.  Very different from what we’ve been admiring here these past few years, but I’m so excited for the beauty in the different landscape.

The sunsets and sunrises are the most vivid memory of our soon-to-be new home, as well as the incredible feeling of awe experienced when near the base of the mountain range.

I’m too excited for words, and I’m extremely happy and honored to take you all with me as we explore this new landscape in the near future!

Let’s always remember that no matter how different the sight, there is beauty to be found everywhere.  Beauty is not confined to any location.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Swirled Vine Beauty

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