Up(dates) in the Air

Photograph of a jet stream behind clouds

The sky is often where I look when it comes to dreaming of things moving forward, and many things are about to change!

We find ourselves skipping halfway across the country for a new home and adventure this month!  There will be tension, joy, tears, and probably some car sickness.  Internet access…not so much.

In addition to the Print Shop closing tomorrow night, starting this Thursday, the blog will be updating once a week.

Roman Leaf will hopefully be up and running full-steam on its usual schedule by August, though things are still up in the air.

This will be the first road trip with a camera.  Terribly excited would be a severe understatement.  Depending on how patient my road-trip buddy is, there should be a lot of travel photography to look forward to once things get settled.

Let’s keep moving forward and remain calm in the face of uncertainty.

Who needs to know how to read a map to drive cross-country, anyway?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Dome Sunset Sunset Moon

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