Sunset Trails

Sunset photography featuring trails

I count myself as truly lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty of the sky, especially during sunset.

Living in Pennsylvania for several years, where trees crowded out the sky from our home, made the expansive sky terribly missed.  Even though it was only a short walk or drive away.

Being able to look up and enjoy the sky, and whatever clouds and colors are painting it, brings an immense sense of happiness and gratitude.  It can be easy to forget that there are places where thick clouds or pollution much too often loom in the sky, making its beauty hard to see.

Should you live in one of these places, or are simply experiencing a gloomy and cloud-shrouded day, I hope you enjoy the beauty of the sky shared here.  Best wishes and hope for many sunsets in the future.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Striped Sunset Sunset Moon

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