DIY Button Necklace

Necklace featuring a wooden button

DIY Button Necklace

Very simple to make, this DIY necklace features a wooden button threaded onto braided embroidery floss with two hanging tassels, in the broadest sense of the word.

Hoping to make another in the future with more braids and real tassels, but easy is a good way to start!

This large wooden button was found on clearance, though any button that you fancy (whether thrifted, up-cycled, found, or bought new) will do.

Braid a length of whatever color embroidery thread will go with your button pendent.  This should be long enough to slip over your head when knotted.

Braid a shorter length that’ll serve as the ‘tassels’.

Tie off the ends of both pieces to hold the braids, and thread the longer length through the button.  Center the button in the middle of the necklace.  Before tying off to keep the button in place, center the second braid to form two even ‘tassels’.

Knot both the longer and shorter braids to keep the button and ‘tassels’ in place.

DIY Back Button Necklace

Knot the two ends of your longer braid to form the necklace, and you’re done!

Definitely going to keep my eyes open for other buttons that would serve as lovely pendants.  Perhaps some holiday and seasonal-inspired necklaces in the future?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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