Black and White | Personal Style

Laced Top Skull Skirt

Dotted Skull Skirt

This miniskirt caught my eye while browsing a local thrift shop.  At first I thought, or rather hoped, it was a covered with stars.  But on closer inspection, they turned out to be dotted skulls.

Still pretty sweet.

The lace-up top was found on clearance at a store carrying clothing, incense, candles, tapestries, and the like.  Although altered a bit to fit better, there is still some work to do on the neckline.

These photos are a definite reminder to choose a background that suits your subject.  Hoping to do a reshoot in the future with white walls perhaps, and hopefully more experience in front of the camera.

Let’s keep practicing, learning from our mistakes, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones.  Let’s also remember to be patient, and not let discomfort or embarrassment send us rushing.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Personal Style Photography Black Skirt GCS Deer Fashion Flowers

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