Harvest Moon

Photography of a harvest moon over a grass field

Nature photograph of grass silhouetted by a harvest moon

Not only did tonight feature our natural satellite in its closest proximity to Earth this year, but it was also a Harvest Moon and Blood Moon!

Also a day with some beautiful weather, it was impossible to resist taking a hike.  The trails were full of the usual hikers, runner, and bikers, as well as groups out to enjoy the lunar eclipse.  At least, I’m assuming that’s why people were walking around with pillows and blankets.

The blood moon was gorgeous as well, though it was difficult to get the focus right.

Definitely a gorgeous evening, that had me extremely eager to visit an observatory.  The sky is incredible enough as seen by the human eye, but closer views are extraordinary!

Blood Moon | Lunar Eclipse

Let’s keep our eyes open, and enjoy the beauty of the sky.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunset Moon Calm

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