Oatmeal Stuffed Pumpkin

Food photography of oatmeal in a pumpkin bowl.

Autumn is here, and pumpkins of all sizes have been filling up grocery stores around town.  The most adorable, by far, are the tiny ones that fit in your hand!

Mini pumpkins can serve as inexpensive decorations, food, or both!  No doubt stuffed pumpkins are popular, as there are recipes all over the internet.

Proven recipes are great, but it’s fun to try something without consulting Google first.

This miniature pumpkin was cooked and then stuffed with cold/uncooked oatmeal flavored with agave and pumpkin pie spice.

An interesting attempt, though I can’t help but think pumpkin is better suited to be stuffed with something else.  Perhaps it pays to check Google first, after all.

Pumpkins should be around for a little longer, so I’m looking forward to trying stuffed pumpkins again.  Following a recipe, this time.  Maybe some homemade pumpkin pie is in order, as well…

Have you tried any stuffed pumpkin recipes before?  Do you prefer more of a meal or a dessert when eating from your pumpkin bowl?

Let’s keep trying new things.  Let’s not be bound to instructions all the time, but let’s not be too stubborn to look at directions, either.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Dessert photography of homemade chocolate cranberry cookies. Food Favorite : Potato Side Dish

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