Inspiration | Firework

Celebration photography of a gold firework.

Inspiration can come out of nowhere with enough force to shake the ground we stand on.  Passion and inspiration is a lot less dangerous than fireworks, though.

Interest in drawing and painting has returned recently, though not with as a concussive bang as explosives.  Career paths aren’t changing, and days and nights aren’t ferociously spent before a drawing board, but it’s nice to enjoy an old hobby.  I’ll be putting these old skills to work soon, as I’m applying to teach classes at a local shop.  In addition to the extra income (however slight), I’m looking forward to the chance to help (and hopefully inspire) those interested in such work.

Whether inspiration comes as a quiet murmur or an explosive bang, let’s enjoy the energy and muse while we can, and make the most of it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of tree roots exposed along a nature trail. Nature photograph of dogwood flowers.

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