Frozen Wind | Pike’s Peak First Snow

Close-up photograph of snow blowing across a mountain.

Landscape photography of the snowy Rocky Mountains during sunset.

This week brought us the first heavy snow of the year in the mountains!

It’s been quite cloudy these past few days, and when they parted enough to see the Peak a few days ago, it was absolutely stunning.  The most beautiful I’d ever seen the mountains, though it was spotted without my camera on hand, and the sky was too socked in later that day to see.

A great reminder for an avid photographer to always have a camera on hand, even and especially when running errands!

Today the skies were clear, revealing the gorgeous mountains still covered with snow at the higher altitudes.  The mountains are gorgeous enough all season, but there’s something especially magical about snow and clouds blowing over the ridges~

Let’s enjoy the changing colors and weather of the new season.  Let’s also keep our eyes open and cameras ready for the beauty to admire.  Wishing all gorgeous views, wherever we find them!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of the silhouette of Pike's Peak after sunset. Photograph of stars shining over clouds at dusk.

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