Old Passions, New Opportunities

Graphite Drawing WIP

Elf Drawing

The subject of passions has been mentioned quite a few times here on Roman Leaf.  How they come, go, and change.

Drawing is an old passion of mine, one that faded a few years ago before getting seriously into photography.  It resurfaces now and then, though has recently seen a new breath of life due to influences of other hobbies, and new opportunities.

I’m currently working to become certified to teach anime-style drawing classes at a local art shop.  In addition to extra income, I’m definitely excited about teaching and helping others interested in this drawing style.

The idea of putting what I’d spent years practicing into new use for others is definitely fueling inspiration.

It’s definitely something to think about, how old passions might be brought back to life when it’s given a different purpose.  Maybe we used to love jewelry making, painting, sculpting.  Does the idea of enjoying such hobbies again for charity, gift-giving, or teaching bring back any inspiration?

Passions come and go, which is something we should learn to accept, though there’s nothing wrong with seeing if we can find joy in putting our old skills to use in new ways.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of tree roots exposed along a nature trail. Feelings

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