Perspective Gold LeafPerspective

Things look very different depending what we focus on.  Nothing in life is perfect.  Things won’t always unfold the way we want.  Obstacles and hardship can come out of nowhere and knock us down.

Things aren’t perfect, nor do they need to be for us to have a positive outlook and be happy.  How we feel, what we see, and how we act in the present depends on what we focus on.

We can choose to focus on the negative, walk about like a zombie, and let frustration and misery fester and grow, OR, we can focus on the positive.  We can set our sights on our hopes for the future, and warm our hearts with gratitude.

Keeping a positive mindset doesn’t mean ignoring hardships and obstacles, it means not focusing on them.  If we’re weighted down by misery and pessimism, we probably aren’t going to be very affective at moving forward and making positive changes.  When we’re miserable, we may not even try.

Focusing on the positive, remaining grateful for the good things we have gives us the hope and momentum to keep pushing forward and act constructively.

Let’s keep a smile on our face, gratitude and hope in our hearts, and keep moving forward. Let’s focus on the good and continue to create positive change.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Dogwood Flower- Stay Positive Warm Green

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