Colorado Views

Colorado Traintracks

70mm, 1/800 sec, at f/7.1

Another photo shot from the interstate.  Even with a long lens on your camera, it’s definitely worth considering taking your equipment with you on small trips, even when you’ll spend most of your time in a car or on a bus.  Despite the high speeds, it’s still possible to get good, sharp shots from moving vehicles.

The brighter it is outside, the better, as it allows you to use a faster shutter speed.  I wouldn’t recommend shooting from moving vehicles out an open window- even if you don’t drop it, dirt, stones, etc may hit your lens.  Shooting through glass doesn’t have to be an issue; you’ll find a polarizing filter will be your best friend!

Let’s admire the beauty around us, whether the scenery is new or old.  Let’s breathe in the fresh air, smile at the sun, and take in the views.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Colorado Plains Landscape photography of the Rocky Mountains

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