Sacred Heart

The dome of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Old Colorado City, with gorgeous Pike’s Peak in the distance.

Different things are sacred to different people.  Some find nature to be their sacred space, some find that space to be a church, mosque, monastery, temple, shrine, etc., and others still have different places that fit their beliefs, if a place at all.

Although never much of a religious or ‘community gathering’ person myself, I’ve long wanted to visit different places of worship to take in the sights, music, silence, atmosphere, and generally see how others practice and see the world.

There was a beautiful Buddhist Temple in Center City, Philadelphia, but nerves and shyness got the best of me, and I never visited.  If you want to visit someplace new but are too nervous, invite a friend to go with you!  Like a party with strangers, having someone you know with you helps.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Exterior photograph of a domed roof. Close-up photograph of snow blowing across a mountain.

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