DIY Himalayan Salt Candleholder

DIY Himalayan salt candle using a votive holder, glass teacup, and course Himalayan salt

Candles have become quite a big thing in my life since discovering DIY oil candles and Himalayan salt candleholders, so why not combine the two?

I used a tealight candleholder and glass teacup, but options are endless.  You can use shot glasses, jars, or any variety of glasses, so long as they’re of two different sizes.

Simply make a DIY oil candle to start.  Then take your candle and set it in the center of your bigger, base glass.  Cover your candle and carefully fill your base with Himalayan salt, which you can find at a grocery/natural goods store.  Fill up to the candle’s rim, and you’re done!

It may not boast the same air-purifying power as store-bought salt candleholders or lamps, but they’re definitely beautiful!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photograph for a beauty DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder | Peaceful Glow

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