Sunset | Expectations

Sunset | Expectations

Life is consistent in its laughter in the face of expectation.  Sometimes things go better than we anticipated  Sometimes, they don’t.  They really don’t.

We’re certain our boss wants to talk because we’re being promoted, only to learn we’re being let go.  We start babysitting, only to find out kids make us crazy.  We open our first show at a local gallery, and no one shows up.  Or something similar…

Sure enough, whatever we had planned and jumped into with confidence didn’t go as expected.  When we’re pleasantly surprised by how much better things turned out, fantastic!  Glow with confidence, run with it, and see what else unexpected happens!

When things don’t go so well, however, we should do the same.  Plus a little extra.  Laugh it off, embrace the embarrassment, and let it go.  Get back into the creative work you, or at least invest in some creative down-time.

Perhaps we could use the egg on our face to make a fancy omelet?

If our ego is bruised, that’s perfectly fine.  It could use a bruisin’ every once in a while.  Just don’t let it hurt your self-esteem, and don’t make assumptions as to the whats or the whys things didn’t go as expected.

Keep moving forward with confidence, and keep your expectations high!  Don’t forget to grasp the lesson, though!  If things were an explosive mess, perhaps we should use less fuel in the future, if things didn’t take off at all, perhaps we haven’t been using enough.  Pick from the wreckage what lesson you can, and keep it in mind during future endeavors.

Things rarely go as expected.  Whether we soared above our dreams or are wiping egg off our face, let’s continue to smile, laugh at life’s turns, and keep moving forward with our sights ever higher.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Spring Snow Dogwood Flower- Stay Positive

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