Four-Day Break | White Winter

Frozen Pond Snow Covered Reeds

Hello, all!  A new year is almost started, and hopefully we’re all excited for what’s to come!

For the next few days, Roman Leaf will be maintaining radio silence, but we’ll be back to posting on the first of the new year!  In addition to a general, much-needed vacation, yours truly needs some time to reflect on goals, progress, life, and how to best take over the world.

We all need time to relax and reflect, so I encourage all of you guys to get some time to recharge!

Before falling off the planet for a few days, though, I wanted to leave you all with something!  Like the sky, mountains have a special place in my heart.  Not only are they towering reminders of how immense the world is and how small we are, but they stir up feelings of hope, gratitude, and all that mushy stuff that makes your heart swell up!

Click to enlarge to their intended sizes, and please feel free to save to your computer for your own personal use!  Set as your screen-saver, print, or use on your blog with proper credit!  Hopefully you enjoy the view as much as I do!

Nature and landscape photograph of clouds hanging low over snow-covered mountains.

White Mountains Low Clouds

Thank you all for making this year so special!  If you have any ideas for improvement or what you’d like to see in the future, leave a comment or contact me.  See you all in the new year!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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