Winter Field | Deep Blue

Landscape photography of a brush field and lone tree against a deep blue sky near sunset.

Winter walks and hikes were definitely something I was looking forward to during the warmer months of Fall, yet the outdoors has been enjoyed very little this season.  It’s one thing to daydream or even ‘plan to’ do something, but actually getting ourselves geared up and tackling our goals is completely different.

Being prepared might come in handy.  Taking baby steps might proven immensely useful, as well!

Whatever our goals, let’s be sure we’re prepared to tackle them, and especially if we’re a bit sluggish or weary, let’s take baby steps to at least get ourselves started!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photograph of a warm view of trees with bright oranges and blues. Landscape photography of Pike's Peak and the foothills covered in snow.

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