Wolf Moon

Landscape photography of the Wolf Moon behind a tree.

The Full Wolf Moon from a few days ago!  I definitely need to be more aware of current lunar phases, weather, and the rise and set times of both the sun and moon.  That way photos like these might be able to be a little more planned.  Not that there’s anything wrong with noticing a scene and running outside to capture it, of course!

HDR photography is so gorgeous to admire, and I’d love to practice it, especially when it comes to photographing the moon and sunsets with a beautiful foreground to match!

This is a simple mix of two exposures.  Though the sky was full of textures from clouds, the soft glow against the nearest of them was all I could get.

Should’ve used a tripod.  Eventually the stubbornness will wear out…right?

Let’s keep our eyes open and on the beautiful world around us.  If we happen to get lost in our studios and books, let’s still try to take frequent trips outside, not only for photographic opportunities we might miss, but for that wonderful revitalization that comes from admiring the gorgeous beauty of the world~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunrise photography

Nature photograph of grass silhouetted by a harvest moon

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