Looking Forward

Excitement for a new project, hope for a good result, and determination not to stop until you think you’ve got something inspiring are great for eliminating any anxiety.

Normally so nervous about working in the public eye, I spent an hour playing with a sheet in the wind while flanked by houses and a handful of folks running around.  Luckily, everyone went about their business, and didn’t pay much mind!

The new project would be homework for the Artistic Portrait Photography course taught by Zhang Jingna, a fabulous photographer that’s served as inspiration for years.

Education is so important, and it doesn’t require getting a degree.  If there’s something you want to study, check local libraries and online book stores, online and local colleges for courses, art galleries that offer classes,  and local people willing to teach.  And of course there’s a growing number of online resources that offer free tutorials as well as paid courses!

Let’s keep learning, practicing, overcoming anxieties, and as always, seeing the beauty around us!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self-portrait photography. Une photographie autoportrait.

Sunset | Expectations

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