Colorado Plains

Landscape photography of a farm at the base of a hill.

Landscape photography of a plateau on the Colorado plains

Sometimes you’ll hear people say that only the best photos should be shared.  Even more drastically, that if a photo won’t be your best, then it shouldn’t be created at all.

Personally, I regard that as nonsense.  Although not a fan of bathroom selfies or unintentionally crazy-blurry photos, just because certain scenes and moments can’t be captured at your ‘technical best’ doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken or shared.

Although these photos were taken with a higher ISO than recommended, and are a tad blurry do to flying down the highway at 75mph, that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful or evoke emotion.  They definitely remind me of the beauty around here and inspire hopes to explore the rural side roads at a slower pace one day!

The greenery was especially vivid here (for Colorado), and makes me dream of Ireland.

Let’s not let technical perfection keep us from capturing moments and scenes that inspire us~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of the Rocky Mountains

Colorado Traintracks

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