Ridge and Valley

Landscape photography of a ridge and valley in the Colorado mountains. Une photography paysage dans les montagnes.

The HDR software Photomatix Pro finally found itself in the studio after sitting on the wish list for a few years!

We can always hope that new equipment will help us improve our work, and we should do well to remember that the actual work lies with us.  A new camera won’t create better photos, a new flash system won’t create beautiful lighting, etc.  Tools are tools, and require time and practice to be used well!

This gorgeous ridge sits near Queens Canyon, and this angle offers an interesting view of the rocky ‘spine’ that runs through the area.  Taken very early in the Winter season, which feels like such a long time ago..!

Let’s keep our eyes open for ways to help ourselves improve, but never forget that tools don’t do the work.  We do~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography. Use photography de la paysage.

Landscape photography of a valley and ridge during sunset

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