Happiness is in the Simple Things

Happiness can be a struggle sometimes, but there are simple ways to foster that warm fuzzy feeling.

  • Cook and enjoy some healthy food.
  • Start a garden or a pot some plants inside.
  • Look up at the sky.
  • Do some housework.  Doing laundry/dishes/repairwork can not only open up and improve our space, but can give us a small sense of accomplishment.
  • Go on the walk or hike.  Whether you jaunt around the neighborhood or spend the day in the mountains, time outside under the sky definitely does one good.
  • Create something!  Draw, paint, make some jewelry, or anything that lets you create something that didn’t exist before.
  • Hope or plan for the future.  Even if you can’t afford it yet, let yourself daydream about your dream home or your travel goals.
  • Share with others.  Spread joy with others, and their smile will be reflected in your own.

Ways to foster happiness are endless, but these are some of my personal favorites.

When life gets hectic, it’s easy to forget the simple things that bring us joy, but we need to remember how essential they are.  It’s the small things that can make the difference!

Let’s keep our simple pleasures in mind and keep our faces aimed at the Sun!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Spring Seeds


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