Goals | Take the First Step

When dreaming of the goals we’d like to achieve, it’s worth remembering that success isn’t always as difficult as we might think.

We can’t climb a mountain without taking the first step, and after that, this immense goal is still achieved by putting one foot in front of each other.  Every goal is just a series of small steps, and small steps aren’t as difficult as fear may lead us to believe.

Maybe we can’t climb a mountain our first few tries, but maybe we can make it farther than we’d anticipated.  Maybe we can’t bike across the city with relative ease, but maybe we can make it to our favorite spot in town without (completely) exhausting ourselves.

Let’s remember that immense goals are just a number of small steps, and let’s start taking these steps now.  The climb may not be as difficult as we’d thought.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sandstone Floor


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