When life gets tough, we start to look at the way we live a little more closely.  The things that really bother us become clearer and much, much louder.

Healthier eating, more exercise, more time in nature, taking up meditation, or seeking comfort and improvement in spirituality or religion  are things we may turn to.

Though we may also turn to cheesecake.

It’s slowly becoming more clear how off-track I’ve gotten in life.  Simplicity and minimalism has disappeared under piles of junk, there have never been more receipts in the trash, junk food is the new normal, and negative thoughts have been hanging heavy in the mind.

Less than ideal, but we can always move forward.

Whatever pains we’re working through and however far we’ve fallen off our ideal path, let’s work to start moving forward again.

Let’s find the inspiration we need, treat ourselves well and with kindness, and start finding our way back on track.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photograph of candlelight

DIY Himalayan salt candle using a votive holder, glass teacup, and course Himalayan salt

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