Frosted Backbone

Photography of a snowy ridge in the mountains of Colorado.

Lower in the mountains, the first snow of the Winter season fell, prompting many photographers out into the cold with cameras in tow!

With the temperatures dropping, it’s a good time to start preparing better before heading out.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Proper clothes: Thick pants, water-tight shoes, multiple top layers, a scarf for shielding the face against frosty wind, and a quality hat and pair of gloves.  Also consider spare clothes.
  • Fully charged main and backup batteries.  Cold temperatures drain batteries!  Consider keeping your extras inside your coat so your body heat will help maintain their charge.
  • A lens hood and absorbant cloth to keep your lens free of flurries and droplets.
  • Warm liquids.  Consider a keeping a thermos of warm coffee or tea, or even soup for longer jaunts outside.
  • A cellphone, as usual, just in case.  Keep inside your coat with your batteries.
  • Pre-scouted locations.  Freezing temps make a good case for knowing ahead of time where you want to go and what to expect, not that wandering around in the cold can’t be fun.

The season has just started, and hopefully we’ll find plenty of opportunities to get outside and take advantage of the changing sights!

Let’s get outside, get some shots, and try to stay warm.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Frosted Backbone
Detail view of the ridge.

Landscape photography of Colorado mountains under dark clouds.

Landscape photography of a ridge and valley in the Colorado mountains. Une photography paysage dans les montagnes.

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