Caught in Time

Portrait photography with a vintage feel.

This is an old one, shot for a project for the Artistic Portrait Photography course taken earlier this year.

This portrait never got edited, as it wasn’t a favorite in the archives, but I decided to take another look at it!  It proved good practice for editing, though corrective editing is something I prefer to keep to a minimum.

Definitely a reminder to practice portraits with a wider aperture, as well as  to pay more attention to lighting.  Under-eye bags aren’t a friend to overhead lighting without some bounce to fill in shadows!

The more we pay attention to details before and during a shoot, the less we’ll have to fix later.


Let’s take a look through our old files now and then, and see what old pieces was can pick up and finish.

There’s lots to be learned from our older works!  Let’s see what we don’t like, what could be fixed, and what we need to remember for the next project.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Self portrait photography of an elven maiden character in the studio.

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