Clouds are a Photographer’s Best Friend

Landscape photography of a moody mountain sunset.

This moody sunset was photographed one evening as dark clouds shrouded the mountains.  The sun created a strong silhouette of this ridge that was burned in a forest fire, with the clouds adding contrast and gloom to the scene.

It’s always puzzling when photographers say they hate cloudy days.

Clouds soften the sunlight, like a soft box diffuses our flash, so gorgeous light can be photographed even during noon hours!

Not only that, but the most gorgeous sunsets often have plenty of clouds in the sky to cast different colors and add interesting shapes.  They can be photographed sharp, or slow to create a ‘blanket’ look across the sky!

They also can add tremendous mood to an otherwise rather ‘clean’ scene.


So next time we see a ‘nap day’ on the weather forecast, or see clouds rolling on the horizon, let’s get excited and get outside to see what those beauties in the sky have in store!

Let’s just remember to bring a jacket and an umbrella in case the clouds bring something extra!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of a clouds against a mountaintop

Landscape photography of foggy mountains.

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