Boudoir photography of a vampire character

Fantasy portrait of a vampiress

This was quite the photo session!

Not only the first time shooting with a new lens, but the first time playing with boudoir photography!

Shooting boudoir portraits, especially with a fantasy or alternative fashion twist has been a dream for quite a few years, so it’s been amazing to finally take the first step and give it a go!


Planning for shoots isn’t something I usually do, so the ‘vampire’ theme didn’t even come to mind until the editing, when the skin was desaturated and given a slight blue tone as a test.

With the pale skin, dark hair, and bright red corset, ‘vampiress’ came to mind!  This theme fit perfectly, since the scarf caused slight irritation on the neck, which turned into the perfect bite!


Although planning can be useful, especially when working with others, it’s not always necessary.

Don’t let the absence of a plan stop you from jumping in!

Do you usually plan for your shoots, whether working in studio with a model or photographing the great outdoors?  If so, how far into planning do you go?

Let’s go with the flow, and create something we love!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Portrait photography with a vintage feel.


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