Magical Trail | Before and After

Photography before and after

A ‘Before and After’ of the most recent landscape for this week’s Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday!

The left is a first-pass edit, with slight adjustments with Levels, but is nearly ‘out-of-camera’.

The right is the finished edit, which mostly comprised of adjustments to Levels and Color Balance, as well as Cloning on the top right of the image and bottom corners.

This is a great example of how an image can be transformed and cleaned up to eliminate or at least reduce distracting elements (like the blown-out highlights on the top).

Instead of cloning out the blown highlights, it would’ve been better and easier to simply have taken more exposures of the same image during the hike, but I was shooting handheld and didn’t honestly think I’d keep the image vertical.


When we’re out and about, let’s not assume what final crop we’re going to choose, and make the best out of what we see before us.  Let’s take multiple exposures if we have to, try to squeeze distracting elements from the frame, and shoot both vertical and horizontal.

We often know our usual habits, but that doesn’t mean our tastes won’t change and that something new won’t tickle our fancy.


If you have any questions or suggestions for Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday, please leave a comment or contact me!
See you next week!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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