Editing: Getting Accurate Color and Brightness

Once we get our photographs into our computers for editing, we’ll want to ensure that we’re able to get accurate color and brightness!

Color Accuracy in Editing Photography

  • Use Daylight Lightbulbs.

You should ideally be editing under light from daylight temperature lightbulbs.  Go with LED, and you can even save some electricity!

  • Light Direction

No harsh glares should be falling on your screen.  Best practice is to keep direct light from hitting your computer screen at all.

The light shouldn’t be shining in your eyes either.

Consider having your studio light in front of you across the room.

  • Edit in Dimmer Light

Don’t edit in total darkness, but let the light and colors pop from your computer screen.

If even across the room your studio light is too bright, diffuse it.  You can add a white lampshade, or block it with a room divider or white trifold board (you know, the kind you used for school projects!).

  • Calibrate Your Monitor

There are tools you can use to calibrate your computer for correct color and brightness.

I’ve been using a Spyder Pro for the past few years.

  • Be Consistent!

Once you’ve got your daylight bulb in the right place in relation to your workspace, you’ve dimmed the studio light, and you’ve calibrated the monitor, keep things as consistent as possible!

If you rearrange your studio, add bright red curtains (which isn’t recommended as it could cause a slight color cast), or the like, recalibrate!

  • Edit at Half Screen Brightness

If your monitor lets you control it’s brightness, consider editing at half brightness.

You never know if the people looking at your photography have their screens set at their brightest or their darkest, so make a habit of editing in the sweet spot.

Occasionally bring your screen brightness all the way up, and all the way down as you work.  Does your image still look okay?

Aim to get an image that’ll look beautiful no matter the screen brightness!


Although everyone that views your images online isn’t going to be seeing your photos in the best light with a calibrated monitor, doing our best to get color and brightness accurate is important!


If you have any questions or suggestions for Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday, please leave a comment or contact me!
See you next week!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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