The Sword

Fantasy studio portrait of a medieval character

An extra post this week, as this fantasy photograph left me too excited to wait!

This self-portrait was photographed in the studio recently, and was a great opportunity to put to use some props, costumes, jewelry, etc that I’d been hoarding for ‘just the right photoshoot’.


Hoarding with such ideas in mind has been a bit of a drag this year.

‘I just need….’ has unfortunately been a terribly common phrase in the studio!


Habits can be tough to break, but let’s try to get away from the ‘need’ mentality and better use what we already have!

Whether our costume closet is close to bursting or we have only a few items, let’s challenge ourselves to use what we already have, and only acquire more when we’ve exhausted all other options!

Easier said than done, but our prop boxes and costume closets will thank us!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Featuring: Thrifted dress, lace top, faux fur cape, and sword.  Arm bracers handmade using thrifted material; handmade rings.  Makeup using Mineral Fusion.

Fantasy portrait photography with a witch theme

Portrait photography with a vintage feel.

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