Improve Our Photography by Changing Our Shooting Height

Changing the height we shoot at is a simple trick that can greatly improve our photography.

It’s easy to go around shooting at our eye level, but this can result is images that look a bit flat.  There’s wiggle room and no set ‘rules’, but here are some general tips!

  • When photographing a portrait, shoot at the model’s eye-level to minimize distortion.
  • Alternatively, if shooting a full-body fashion portrait, shoot a bit lower, around the model’s waist-level, as this will stretch their legs and make them look taller!
  • When photographing landscapes, get low to the ground!  The lower we can get, the better.  A shot taken when we’re laying in the mud often looks much more dynamic than one taken while standing up!  Plus, the added foreground elements add space and dimension!

These rules of thumb basically bank on the fact that what’s closest to the camera looks bigger and is empathized.

If you want someone to look tall and powerful, shoot below eye-level, if you want them to look vulnerable, shoot above eye-level.  And when it comes to landscapes, lower is often better!


These are some simple tricks to improve your photography, as dynamic images are about how we use our equipment, not on what equipment we’re using! (relatively)

Let’s mix it up, change our position, and see how something as simple as kneeling down can improve our art!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


If you have any questions or suggestions for Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday, please leave a comment or contact me!

See you next week!

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