Become a Patron!

Good Morning, All!

It’s early, but there’s too much excitement to put off sharing that the Roman Angelo Patreon page is now live!


Become a Patron and help support future photography and projects~!


Fantasy, magical, and cinematic are what my art is all about, from dark forests to the mysterious characters living in them!

This year, I’m going to be focusing on travel, working with models, building the costume and prop wardrobe, and supplementing my income with my fine art!


No matter your budget, you can help support my creative efforts in traveling, crafting, and capturing fantastic moments!


There will be different tiered rewards, and you can expect at least 3 updates a month including the following exclusive treats you won’t find here on the Roman Leaf Blog!

-Before and Afters
-Behind the scenes
-Works in Progress and Art in Stages
-Tutorials and walk-throughs of recent work
-Shot details including lighting, aperture, lens choice, etc on recent work
-Vote on shoot concepts, themes, and challenges
-Sneak peaks at recently crafted/acquired costumes and props
-Behind the scenes shots in the studio and on location
…and more!

Thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy the rewards!

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