Editing: Build on Layers

When it comes to editing photography, it’s common sense to work on multiple layers, but don’t be afraid to use even more layers when editing specific elements.

If you’re using curve adjustment layers to manipulate brightness and contrast, you don’t have to ‘get it right’ in one layer.  Keep building, make several passes!

You can do the same to build on colors.

If we’re stuck on one layer trying to ‘perfect’ an adjustment, let’s just leave it where it is, and create a new layer on top to build on it!

Add on layer masks, and we can get more control to fine-tune our work!

Keep layers named and organized into groups, or you can save your work in stages, flatten all layers, and keep building from there


Let’s not shy away from adding ‘too many’ layers, and taking the time to get it right!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday, let’s start off with some basics to get started with photography!
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See you next week!

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