DIY Basic Portrait Backdrop

Backdrops made for photography, whether paper or muslin, can get really pricey!

It’s easy to get caught up in brands and gear and think we need to spend major money on professional backgrounds, but we really don’t!


Backdrops can be as simple as a painted or white wall, thrifted wallpaper, wrapping paper, and even thrifted curtains, sheets, and blankets!

Most of the time, my go-to backdrop is a spare black blanket.  It’s easily tacked to the wall and looks great.

When sourcing fabrics, thicker, polyester blends tend to look best, as they won’t be translucent and don’t wrinkle as easily as cotton!

We can even make DIY, custom photography backdrops by painting on the fabric.


By using thrifted blankets and curtains, wallpaper, and wrapping paper, we can get detailed, versatile backdrops for our portraits for just a couple of dollars!

Let’s remember that we don’t always need the ‘pro’ gear.  DIY is often not only cheaper, but better!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


If you have any questions or suggestions for Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday, please leave a comment or contact me!

Dark fantasy portrait

gothic fashion self portrait photography

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