Value the Experience

When we’re up in the mountains, exploring trails, or photographing friends, it’s a little too easy to get so wrapped up in our cameras that we miss out on the actual experience.

Just like in life as a whole, the experience is more important than the tangible, like a photo print or money from a client.

Who cares if our photographs represent where we’ve been when we were too busy messing around with our cameras to actually enjoy the experience and have something to remember?


Whether we’re out on a hike and brought our gear along, or we’re out specifically for a client, let’s remember to slow down, and actually ENJOY the experience.

Let’s make beautiful memories, not just beautiful images~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


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See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Value the Experience”

  1. Great advice!
    I’ve definitely found this balance hard to strike – especially when I’m out on shoots!
    I’ve found that being conscious (that is, not shooting straight away) in a new location prior to shooting helps me take in my surroundings while grounding the experience.
    This way, it can also feed into your photography once you’ve better situated yourself in the location.

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